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Profile of SecureData key personnel

Mr. Daniel F. Twum

Mr. Daniel F. Twum is Director and Chief Technology Officer at SecureData. His ICT experiences range from designing, implementation, deployment, training and management of Internet and Intranet e-Commerce application systems for Fortune 1000 companies. Mr. Twum is the Lead Instructor of SecureData training programs.

Before starting SecureData in 2000, he worked with AOL/Netscape as a Senior Principal Consultant. His specialty included designing, developing and implementing global Intranets in the directory, financial, messaging, and collaboration services applications sector. He also implemented Internet publishing systems for leading financial institutions using Linux, Solaris, Oracle, and MySQL database management systems.

Mr. Twum specializes in rapid response and mobilization of IT resources.
He incorporates the broad analysis, synthesis and reporting required in pinpointing and providing recommendation for solution on a company's urgent problem. Areas of expertise include server troubleshooting, application performance analysis and tuning, rapid application development.

Prior to AOL/Netscape, Mr. Twum worked with ONTOS, Inc. in Burlington, USA. While with ONTOS, he consulted and managed projects at various client sites in C++ object oriented design, implementation, and RDBMS-Object database migration. In addition, he designed and delivered in-house and off-site training courses on advanced object database programming using C++ and ONTOS database.

The list of Intranet clients Mr. Twum has been professionally engaged include:

    • Agouron Pharmacy, San Diego, USA
    • Airbus, Toulouse, France
    • American Express, Phoenix, AZ
    • ATOS Group, Lille Europe, France
    • BBN Planet, Cambridge, MA, USA
    • BC Tel, Vancouver, Canada
    • BOEING, Seattle, WA, USA
    • CBS Sportsline, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
    • Central Maine Power, Augusta, ME, USA
    • Charles Schwab, San Francisco, CA, USA
    • Citibank, Los Angeles, CA, USA
    • Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA, USA
    • Gartner Group, Stanford, CT, USA
    • GE Financial Services, MN, USA
    • GE Medical Services, Waukesha, WI, USA
    • Ghana Telecom, Accra, Ghana
    • Hitachi, San Francisco, CA, USA
    • Liberty Mutual, Portsmouth, NH, USA
    • Nicholas|Applegate, San Diego, CA, USA
    • Northern Trust Bank, Chicago, IL, USA
    • Paine Webber, NJ, USA
    • Renault, Paris, France
    • State of California/Perot/IS, Sacramento, CA, USA
    • United States Postal Services, Washington, D.C, USA
    • UPS, Phoenix, AZ, USA
    • Wall Street Journal, Princeton, NJ, USA

His programming languages include C++, C, Java, JavaScript, JSP, PHP, Object SQL, PERL, HTML and XML. His operating systems knowledge include Sun/Solaris, HP/UX, Linux Intel, Windows NT/Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, and RS/6000.

Mr. Twum acquired a B.A. degree in Engineering Sciences in 1983 from Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA.



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