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Below are the range of services we provide:

Linux, UNIX, PHP & MySQL Rapid Track training

Expert rapid track training brought to your facility where experienced trainers present a complete overview of concepts that demonstrate wide range of applications available, cost savings, stability and security of Solaris and Linux operating systems.

Wireless Internet Billing Systems Integration
Wi-Fi and Wireless G networks for corporations, hotels, schools spanning 1-10 km. Systems are installed in less than 24hrs and are self-healing with Web-based management.

Database Management
ORACLE with PHP Installations and Disaster Recovery,
MySQL with PHP Installations, Configuration & Management.

Enterprise Network Auditing & Planning
Scanning, sniffing and capturing of network packets for analysis and recommendations. Detection of virus and network worms remotely.

Web Development & Consulting
Intranet and Internet Web-based applications including merchant product catalog and advertisement engines.

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