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We know that one size does not fit all. We work to understand the uniqueness of your organization and vision so we can set up and support your success, every day.


Systems Integration


Linux, UNIX, PHP & MySQL Rapid Track training

Expert rapid track training brought to your facility where experienced trainers present a complete overview of concepts that demonstrate wide range of applications available, cost savings, stability and security of Solaris and Linux operating systems.

Wireless Internet Billing Systems Integration

Wi-Fi and Wireless G networks for corporations, hotels, schools spanning 1-10 km. Systems are installed in less than 24hrs and are self-healing with Web-based management.

Database Management

ORACLE with PHP Installations and Disaster Recovery, MySQL with PHP Installations, Configuration & Management.

Enterprise Network Auditing & Planning

Scanning, sniffing and capturing of network packets for analysis and recommendations. Detection of virus and network worms remotely.

Web Development & Consulting

Intranet and Internet Web-based applications including merchant product catalog and advertisement engines.

Get Coaching!

Our research offices are located on the outskirts of Accra where ongoing work in developing open source Linux training courses and Wireless Internet Billing Systems consume our time.

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